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"The Innovaworks team has one goal: To create the best possible solutions, period.

Since 2006, our development team has been based in Macedonia. We are a team of highly skilled consultants and engineers who'll give you unrivaled dedication and expertise."

Blagoj Janev, Team Lead & Software Architect


Software as a Service, with Extra Service

Innovaworks was founded in 2004 in California. We create innovative hosted software solutions (Software as a Service - SAAS) specifically for medium-sized companies.

When we craft a solution for a partner, we take care of every stage, from specification right through to end-user support, using the best tools available for each job.

In addition to being a Microsoft Certified Partner, we also specialize in integrating open-source Internet technologies and 3rd party applications and services into our solutions.

Your Dream Team

While you'll do business with our California company, our #1 asset is our world-class team of business and IT experts based in Skopje, Macedonia. Part of former Yugoslavia.

Having access to this deep pool of talent has let us put together a group of technical and business experts to rival any professional services team. Meet your Team...

No-Compromise Software Development

Most solution providers force you to choose where to compromise on your project. For example, you can save on cost if you are willing to sacrifice speed or quality. Or if you want a good standard of product delivered on time, be prepared to pay a premium...

At Innovaworks we don't believe in compromise. We say you can have it all. Thanks to a great team working with brilliant methodologies, we confidently deliver a great result every time - and often for less than any other provider. If we need to invest a little more time, we'll do that - but it will not cost you a penny more.



Dedicated Development Partners

Innovaworks takes software as a service to a whole new level. When we use the word "partnership", we really mean it.

Our consultants are often embedded in partners' teams for the entire lifecycle of an engagement, ensuring everything runs perfectly.

Our results speak for themselves. We have a long track record of highly successful solutions that transform our partners' businesses. In fact, most of our new clients are referred to us by current partners.