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"When our team starts a new client project, we carefully focus on preparation, design, and evaluation of the business need. That’s what gives us the edge to deliver breakthrough results

We’ll interview the client at length to establish the goals that will deliver real results for their business and their customers. We’ll carry out an extensive competitive analysis. And we’ll multiple ideas and concepts that we’ll analyze to identify the solution. All before one line of code has been written!"

Zlatko Milosevski, Senior DBA


How we Work

Innovaworks takes a unique approach to developing software solutions in partnership with all our clients.

Your first experience of working with us will be an extensive consultation process, in which we interview you at length in order to craft a package to suit your requirements.

We’ll make sure we fully understand your business context and the development challenges in detail, so that we can create the perfect long-term solution.

Creating Your Dream Team

We'll put together a team that gives you all the skills you'll need (examples). You will have a dedicated project manager you can call at any time.

In addition, teams are often divided into smaller units of 3-4 specialists, and you will have direct contact with the lead in each.


At Innovaworks we're versed in a range of software development methods, so we will easily be able to follow your preferred working practices. If you do not have your own systems, we will be happy to manage your delivery using the appropriate agile methods to suit your project.

Constant Contact

Working with Innovaworks is as close as possible to having an in-house team - but without the huge overheads!

Just like an internal team, most of our clients have daily meetings with all the key team members - project managers and development leads. You can expect regular scheduled meetings for testing, code review, and QA, just as you would with in-house developers.

Developments in VOIP, internet-based chat and video mean it is just as efficient and easy to keep in communication with your team members at Innovaworks as colleagues in the next building.

You’ll carry out contractual and financial transactions through our California company.

Our Commitment to You

“Solutions that get you there” - Your success is commitment for us and our clients know we'll do whatever is necessary to deliver on our promises.

That means always taking great care over specifications, providing regular updates and being responsive to all the challenges of a developing project.

No Compromise

There's no need to compromise on skills, experience, or quality. We are your highly skilled dedicated development team that treats your business as our own.

Whatever size your project is, we will put together the perfect team to help you get the right results, when you need them, and for the lowest cost.

Contact Innovaworks to Discuss Your Project Today

Call or email us today to arrange a no-obligation free consultation. We would love the opportunity to hear about your project and to show you how we can help achieve all your goals.

We’re confident you will find a team that will work in harmony with your internal resources to deliver exactly the service you need, on time, every time, for the best possible price. A team that speaks your language and is 100% committed to helping your project succeed.

Contact Innovaworks today to find out how we can help you.